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Our Team


As owner I am the estimator and manager of My Painter. Besides running a curious and professional business in the day. I also enjoy spending my time outdoors. Being outside brings a different scenery around when you’ve been inside estimating all day. Along with the outdoors, my motorcycle is a trusted companion of mine to get a good breeze going through my hair. Be it I’m riding it to a nice stop in town or to the boxing ring. Boxing is a sport that I greatly enjoy in my spare time.


Jonathan is a project manager here at My Painter. In addition to all the time he spends organizing the jobs we are doing he also paints himself. Not the kind of painting we are talking about though. He enjoys painting models. So he organizes painting jobs and then goes home to paint himself. You’d think he’d be out with the other guys painting too but we love and appreciate the job he does in the office. He not only paints but has fun skateboarding and going to the gym when his life isn’t about painting.


Kelly is our administrator. Being kind and caring are just one of the many qualities that she has to be able to get the job done in this busy business of ours. Her big heart spews over into everything that she does, even work. Her home life is anything but boring. With the 6 furry friends that she has rescued it makes for many joyful times full of snuggles. When she isn’t with her little loves, she is out doing endurance runs, trail runs, and hiking. You could say that she loves the outdoors and taking her fuzzy friends with her when she can.


Tony is one of our best painters. He does great handy work with a brush and a roll. Give those to him and let him have at it. Tony will have you home looking incredible in just a short time. When he’s not at work being an awesome painter though he is outside, be it on his bike, kayaking, or playing volleyball. Tony is full of energy to keep going from one thing on to the next and the moments by himself to relax and reflect on all the beautiful things in nature.


Basilio is one of our expert painters. There is nothing that he can’t accomplish with a brush in his hand. When he isn’t taking over the room with paint and a brush, he is out there kicking it on the field as a soccer player. Awesome people like him still need down time though just like the rest of us. When he takes a moment of rest he is still conquering… but this time while playing cards with his family. What’s not to like about him?


Alex is an exceptional painter that we have working for us. His fine motor skills from playing video games has helped him out with the detail work of painting. Video gaming while he isn’t working has given him a steady hand. Detail work can be trick though, there has to be a lot of patience there. Thankfully he likes to fish too. Fishing is a hobby of patience. So you could say what he loves to do helps him to be awesome at the work he enjoys doing for our customers.


Ariel is a great painter that is fully of vibrancy and incredible strength. There isn’t anything that he can’t accomplish at the speed of light. He didn’t just wake up like that though. While he’s not at work he is having a blast playing soccer. Which helps to build his strength that we depend on at work. If he’s not playing soccer though he is generally playing paintball which is fun and exciting. What can we say though, he is a lively kind of guy and just a joy to get to be around.


Hector is especially special to us as a painter and handy man. There isn’t much that he can’t accomplish. He has the eyes to be able to see what many can tend to look over. Nothing gets passed hector though. He developed this keen sense of eye sight through many hours of pool playing in his spare time. He also has a very strategic mind and is full of vigor. Soccer has helped to shape him in these areas while grown up playing it. He still continues to enjoy playing it when he can.