Exterior Home Repair

Wood is a beautiful, natural material featured in many homes. Unfortunately, it is highly susceptible to damage from rot. If your home has siding, trim, window frames, doors, or other features made of wood, proper maintenance is crucial to prevent damage and rot caused by moisture and exposure to the elements over the years. Untreated wood rot can lead to leaks, mold, pest infestations, and costly repairs as the damage expands.

If the wood elements of your home are in need of some TLC, now is the perfect time to call My Painter for an estimate! Our team is highly skilled in carpentry and wood repair, and we are ready to help you repair and replace any damaged wood that may be putting your home at risk. The services that we provide include:

Small areas of damage from early signs of wood rot can be repaired quite easily. In this case, our skilled crew members will break out all of the damaged wood, then fill the area with a wood filler putty. Once this filler hardens, we sand it to restore the original form of the wood structure.

If the damaged area of wood is too large to be repaired with wood filler, it will need to be replaced. In this case, we remove the affected area and replace it with a brand new piece of wood or PVC. We then fill and seal the seams around the replacement piece, and sand it smooth to look and feel as good as new.

Once the wood repair is completed and sanded, the area can be repainted to a seamless, perfect finish. Not only will you never know the wood was damaged, but a new coat of paint will help protect and preserve your home’s wood features for years to come!