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Florence Jones, Color ConsultantFlorence Jones, Color Consultant

Whether you have a vision in mind of what you want your home to be or not, our color consultant Florence Jones from America’s Color Consultants - DC Metro, can help you pick the perfect colors for your home whether interior or exterior. America’s Color Consultants isn’t affiliated with any paint manufacturer so the color options for your home are limitless. You can choose from any paint on the market.

The theory of color is always a contributing factor to making your home picture perfect. There are a couple of things that are important to consider in color theory such as how a basic color wheel gets comprised into a color wheel that is beaming with bunches of color rather than just three of them. When you look at a basic color wheel you see three primary colors which are red, yellow and blue. When you mix primary colors together you get purple, green. and orange which are secondary colors. From there you mix a secondary color with a primary color and you get six different tertiary colors. This is how you get a full color wheel. You’ll notice that this color wheel is composed of a cool side and a warm side. This will be important to note for later on.

Now from that you have hue, which is pure color there are no additives of grey, white or black. So, put simply it’s the color you see on the color wheel. You can get variations of hues though by tint, shade, and tone. A tint is when white has been added to a hue. Shade is when you take a hue and add black to it. A tone is when you take a color and add grey to it. Now it makes it so that you don’t just have a color wheel but now you have variations of each color on it. This is how we have been able to get all the colors of paint that we have. What does this have to do with anything though?

From here we are able to clearly see how we can pair colors for each room of our home. There are many ways in which you can pick the colors of your home. Some fool proof ways to do this is by following three separate ways to pick them. The first way in picking colors for your room is by doing complementary colors. This means picking colors that are opposite colors on the color wheel from each other such as one from the cool side and one from the warm side of it. The second way to pick colors is called analogous. This takes any color that are side by side and uses them. When this is used you want to make sure that one color is dominate and the other is supporting it. The third way to pick colors is called triadic. This way is when you take three colors on the color wheel that are all evenly spaced apart. You should be able to draw a triangle in the color wheel from each of the colors you picked.

When you pick your colors for your room it doesn’t mean you’re painting that room with each of those colors. It might mean you paint 3 walls with one color and then do an accent wall. The third color can show in decorations around the room like in rugs or pottery. Knowing the colors you want can help the decoration process be easier. It will also help in giving you that picture perfect room that you want.