What Does Low VOC Mean

What Does Low VOC Mean?

What Does Low VOC Mean

My Arlington painter only uses low VOC paints by Sherwin Williams. These paints reduce the possibility of irritation that come from paint drying and when being applied. That brings up the question what are VOCs and how do they affect some people.

In recent years, there has been increased concern over indoor air quality. Consumers have become more aware of volatile organic compounds (VOCs) due to some people being sensitive. Consumers have also become aware of how widespread these compounds are- present in things ranging from household cleaners to paint.

What are volatile organic compounds? When it comes to paints, VOCs are used to help the paint bind to the surface. They help the application and drying of the paint. Unfortunately for some, they can have negative effects during drying and as they are being applied. People who are sensitive to VOCs when the compounds in the paint break down they may cause health issues including, but not limited to headache, nausea, throat irritation, fatigue, dizziness and loss of coordination.

Fortunately, as awareness has increased, so too has the availability of alternatives from which consumers can choose. More eco-friendly, health-friendly options commonly known as "low VOC" are available on the market when it comes to painting options.As we indicated before these are the paints used by My Arlington Painter.

These newer options have been formulated with the safety of both consumer and the environment in mind. When it comes to making a choice for interior painting Arlington VA of your home or office, a low VOC option is a safe and effective choice. Rather than solvent- or oil-based paint, this is a water-based coating.

Of course, low VOC does not mean no VOC. In order to deliver the quality and performance that customers expect, some VOCs typically do need to still be used in these products. However, the concentrations are significantly less than what is found in more traditional paint products. There are some solvents that have been deemed exempt, which means that they are permitted to be used in products labeled "low VOC." Their use in these products is carefully monitored by the appropriate regulatory bodies.

While environmentally friendly paint options are a welcome choice for consumers in general, they are especially important for certain sensitive populations. Two prime examples of locations serving such populations are nurseries and hospitals.

One of the notable differences with low VOC products, which helps to make them so attractive for use with sensitive populations, is that they tend to not have the sort of strong odors associated with their less eco-friendly counterparts. While odor is not an indicator of the healthiness of a particular product, it certainly can play a role in a sensitive individual having a reaction to a product.

When making decisions about interior or exterior painting in Arlington VA know that My Arlington painter focuses on low VOC paint products. When considering painting contractors in Arlington VA always consider one that provides low VOC options. The results can be beautiful and durable like non-low VOC options- just without all the potential health risks.

By My Arlington Painter 9-11-2019