How to Store Caulking for Later Projects

How to Store Caulking for Later Projects?

Learning to seal a tube of caulking is an easy way to save time and money on minor home repairs, renovations, and DIY projects. With proper storage, caulk can last longer than you might expect.

An Airtight Seal

Creating an airtight seal allows you to store opened caulk for an extended time. You can buy caulk sealers at your local hardware or home goods store, but DIY solutions are also an option. For a fast, easy seal that keeps any sealant fresh, follow these steps:

  • Press a little sealant out the end of the tube
  • Using wet fingers, form a seal with the caulk around the tube opening
  • Let the sealant on the end of the tube dry completely
  • Store the sealant in a cool space
  • Cut the dried sealant off the end of the tube to open it

If you aren't confident in a seal made from caulking, you can try using a bolt or hook to close the tube of caulking. A threaded bolt, for instance, easily screws into the opened end of the caulk to form an airtight seal.

Just unscrew the bolt when you need to use the caulk again. Threaded hooks are also an option. Just screw the hook into the end of the tube to seal it. In a pinch, use duct tape or plastic wrap to seal caulking after your painting project from My Arlington Painteris complete.

Make a Temporary Seal

Duct tape and plastic wrap are best when you are going to use the sealant quickly, since these options don't prove an airtight seal. You should also expect to remove died sealant from the top of the caulking tube, whether you use an airtight sealing option or just wrap the tip of the tube with tape. A drill bit or nail removes dried caulking.

Choosing a Storage Space

The climate in your storage space matters if you want to keep an opened tube of caulk for longer than a few months. A climate-controlled space is best, but any shaded indoor location is preferable if you want to keep your caulking fresh during storage. Avoid storing sealant on direct sun or in very hot, dry locations.

By My Arlington Painter 7-21-2020