Compliment a Room with Trim

Compliment a Room with Trim

Your trim is like the frame of a picture. It encases and compliments the beauty of what is inside. Although, this silent supporter often goes unnoticed, it shouldn’t. Your trim can be used for many things. From helping to fool the eye into thinking a room is larger than it is, to at its simplest, highlighting your color choice in a room. The My Arlington Painter crew is well aware of how influential complimenting colors can be. That is why we want to feature all the different affects you can achieve with your trim.

Classic White

Many interior designers consider white to be the ideal color choice for your trim regardless of what color your walls are or what the interior style is. It is simply classic and timeless. White trim against darker walls can bring balance and prevent rich colors from coming across as oppressive. As well as just making things pop. Cool, blue, white trim paired with light wall shades creates a crisp and clean view. It is an excellent choice for rooms with bountiful natural light because of its highly reflective equality. For a traditional elegance that never fades, white is the way to go.

Darker Shades

A growing trend for trim is choosing darker colors. Especially in regard to window casings, deep shades, sometimes even black, work to beautifully frame a window. If you have crown molding around your ceiling, lush shades of black and purple do wonders to draw the eye upward, making a room appear much taller and grander. Of course, this is not the first time we have seen this trend. If you want to add some colonial charm to your home, dusty blue, mustard yellow, or soft green trim will help you to achieve that old-world style.

Same Colors

For a unified look, be sure to stick to colors that are the same or have the same undertones. This will prevent your home from feeling disjointed. Especially if you have an open floorplan. Using the same wall color or a color that is just subtly a different tint for your trim will also work to make a room feel like it goes on and on. This is an excellent trick to use when you want your space to feel open and not cramped. If you would use the word “contemporary” to describe your design style, this is the trim you are going to love.

Trim color is a powerful tool to helping you achieve the look you want, highlight the architectural elements you love, and create the feeling you desire when you walk in a room. And we love helping you get the things you want when it comes to painting. My Arlington Painter has a dedicated consultant who can help you choose the ideal colors for your taste, and once you have decided on color, we can turn your ideas into reality. Call us today for a free estimate!