Faux Finish Inspiration

Faux Finish Inspiration

Faux finishing, or faux painting, is a term describing a decorative paint finish that replicates another material, with stone, wood, and marble being popular selections among many DIYers out there.

Faux finishing can be a fun and creative way to paint an area. It gives the painter the flexibility in their work to do whatever they want to do; however, they want the surface to look, without all those limitations that other remodeling projects often handicap workers.

There are several different ways to faux finish, which may involve different pieces of equipment. First-timers would be well advised to research what type of surface they are looking to capture and note the equipment that is used in the application process.

A few faux finishing methods include:

Graining. A graining tool will be needed here. Paint or wet the surface, then drag the graining tool across it. Rock the tool in the process, going to random and varied spots.

Sponging. An old and popular faux finishing method, the only special equipment needed is a simple sponge. Just dip the sponge and push it across the surface. Multiple layers will build up the color intensity. A subtle depth in color can be realized using different shades of the same color.

Strie Painting. Apply the paint vertically with a roller followed by dragging a long-bristled brush down through the wet paint. This creates soft streaks of color, the final effect looking something like fabric.

Leathering. Chamois' are needed here. Attach a few chamois together by tying them, then roll them (in the shape of a cigar). First, apply the initial paint layer on the surface being worked on, then apply glaze by taking the chamois and rolling them over the newly glazed surface. This creates a look described as distressed leather.

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